Targeted Treatment

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Infraredi Slim Lite Light Therapy Lamps Infraredi

Infraredi Slim Lite

$279.00 USD
Best used for targeted treatments such as the neck and face or specific areas across the body. This device comes with an adjustable stand, offering flexible treatment options for targeted areas. This is...
Infraredi Micro Light Therapy Lamps Infraredi Black

Infraredi Micro

$249.00 USD
With a lightweight portable design, this handheld device is the perfect companion to get your dose of Red Light Therapy on the go!The Infraredi Micro comes with BOTH Red Light...
Infraredi Flex Mini Light Therapy Lamps Infraredi

Infraredi Flex Mini

$549.00 USD
Introducing the all new Infraredi Flex Mini, available now!  The Flex Mini has been designed from the ground up with the latest innovative technology, bringing you the most customisable & feature...